PayMo: Excellent Time Tracking Tool for Small Businesses

As a small business, We are always looking for tips and tools to better business operations. A few months ago IsrylDesigns came across the site paymo.biz and now we have an efficient way to manage projects and invoice clients.

PayMo's user-friendly interface allows us to easily navigate through all of its useful tools.

The dashboard shows a quick view of upcoming milestones and tasks, a color coded bar graph of the hours worked on each project, and a snapshot of the total hours worked by day, week, and month.

Keeping track of deadlines has never been easier. A great feature of the milestone tab is the email alert. When you add a milestone you can set a time to have an email reminder sent. Tasks are lists related to the milestone. Once a milestone or task is complete simply click on the box and it will delete itself from the list. All of your changes will be stored on your dashboard so that you can keep track of all of the company activity. 

The timer allows the user to track time by pushing one button (start) or (stop). The timer runs in the background while the user is working in another program. Should the user forget to stop or start the timer there is a way to manually enter the time.

Add all of your client details including uploading a logo or picture and contact information. This information is then populated in the invoice section streamlining the invoicing process. Once your client(s) are added, you can then add the projects, milestones, and tasks related to them.

PayMo has a variety of options depending on the needs of your business. The free version of PayMo allows up to 2 users and 3 invoices per month. The upgrade version only $9.99 allows for unlimited invoicing. You can track your freelancers/employees time and include that in project billing. To upgrade your account, just click on the upgrade button on the right side of the page under Invoicing. Note: You can cancel the upgrade at anytime but you do have to click on the downgrade button to do so.

One of our favorite features of the site is the invoicing tool. Create a simple and effective invoice by uploading your logo. Click on the client you want to bill and their information will automatically populate. An invoice number is generated and you can click the paypal box to allow your client to pay online using their credit/debit card. The invoice will create a link that you can email to your client. Save trees and time! Note: You need to set up your paypal account before generating a paypal invoice.

Keep up with your company's hours, and finances using the reports tab. Paymo will generate reports based on hours worked by project, hours worked by user, and financial statistics. Now you can keep track of your companies productivity and financial growth all in one tool, PayMo!

IsrylDesigns is always looking for ways to make our business more successful. If you know of any tech tools, design opportunities or just want to connect email us at info@isryldesigns.com.

Thanks for letting us turn your design dreams into reality!